Family History · Jernander Family

Charlie Jernander (1877-1958)

Carl Arvin “Charlie” Jernander is another one of my great-great grandfathers. Charlie’s parents were both immigrants. His father, Carl Sr., came to the US in 1868 from Sweden; his mother, Hansine Olson, from Norway in 1870.

Charlie was born April 5, 1877 in Rochester, Minnesota. He was the 3rd child and 3rd boy in the family. In Rochester, the family lived with Carl Sr.’s older brother, Anders Emil Jernander. Emil was an inventor and had a patent on a “Machine For Cleaning or Scouring Wheat.”

In 1880 the family moved to the La Crosse, WI area.  Carl Sr. filed a patent for an automatic belt tightener in 1892 and became the manager of the pump house in La Crosse.  Charlie worked for him for a while and became a skilled plumber.

In 1898 Charlie married Josephine Opsahl. Shortly after the birth of their first son in 1899, the family moved to Moline, IL.  In 1903 they moved back to Wisconsin and Charlie purchased some land in Christiana, WI and farmed there until 1935.

Charlie and Josie had 8 children total.  4 boys and 4 girls.

Erven Justin Jernander (1899-1936)
Oliver Vernon Jernander (1902-1929)
Myrtle Henrietta Wang (1905-1979)
Vernie Jernander (1909-1909)
Evelyn Inga Dunnum (1911-2013)
Ruth Harriet Olson (1913-2008)
Lester Henry Jernander (1915-1967)
Hazel Margaret Hanson (1920-1989)

Josie died in 1940.  Charlie passed away at a Viroqua hospital on March 27, 1958 at 80 years old.  He rests at the Moen Cemetery in Cashton, WI.

Charlie (left) and his brothers Oscar (center) and Albert (right)
Charlie loved to play the banjo!



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