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DNA Genealogy Analysis

4973532326_6c75ba32ba_bHave you considered a DNA test to prove or disprove branches of your family tree? DNA test facilities such as 23andMe and AncestryDNA can provide information such as where your ancestors migrated from and, if you’re lucky, you could also find unknown living relatives. From what I understand, there are some aspects of your DNA that follow only the male line (father to son) and some that follow the female line (mother to daughter). So, in order to answer certain questions about your genealogy from a DNA test and get the most comprehensive results, you also need to convince known relatives, such as siblings or cousins, to take the test with you.

The scientist in me is very curious. I couldn’t resist. I ordered my 23andMe test kit. Will some light be shed on some of the more fuzzy areas of my family tree?



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